Survey hints that Sony's NGP might be reasonably priced

News on Sony's PSP2 or "NGP" as it's still dubbed has been little and scarce since its unveil in late January. A third-party survey that's purported to be sponsored by game publishing giant Ubisoft suggests possible pricing for two models of the NGP. And it's actually not that bad if it's not totally off the mark.

Falling in line with what we've already heard, the NGP "is expected to be around $350" for the 3G model and about $250 for the standard Wi-Fi-only model. Unlike the 3DS, for $250-$350, you're getting a pretty powerful quad-core machine that can pump out near PS3-quality games controlled with two proper analog sticks, a large touchpad panel on the back — all on a large crisp five-inch OLED screen. All that for sub-$400 is a lot of bang for buck.

For $250, the NGP would be able to go head-to-head against the Nintendo 3DS — a machine that will sell for the same price on March 27 in the U.S. As far as 3G goes, Apple charges $150 extra for iPads with 3G, so an extra $100 for a 3G NGP isn't completely absurd.

But, before you start galloping on your unicorn, keep in mind that this was a third-party survey conducted on behalf of Ubisoft. It's not indicative of any official pricing. We'll all have to wait for the official word from Sony's mouth before we cheer — if this info is even remotely close to the final pricing.

Combined with the talk that the NGP could see a release on November 11 in Europe this year, this holiday season might be one to get ready to rumble for.

Via Kotaku

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