Someone save these tanks from this graveyard of doom

When tanks reach the end of their life, they go to a graveyard, and not to the ocean like old subway cars. There, they sit, with their days numbered and their armored exteriors rusting away.

This series of pictures from a tank graveyard in Kiev, Ukraine paints a gloomy picture — tons and tons of tanks wasting away. Why not repurpose them for the reefs in the ocean like those subway cars were or convert them into a hotel or something? Designers would probably need to use several tanks to make a tank hotel, but that'd be kind of awesome to look at wouldn't it?

A photo set like this is a friendly reminder of all the waste that war generates. It sure is depressing to see these tanks piled up in such a sorry state of disuse. Hopefully, someone can recycle them into an Optimus Prime or Bumblebee Transformer one day.

Via English Russia

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