Solar uniforms will power up gadgets for future soldiers

With so many soldiers being deployed in hot sunny places, it seems like a no-brainer to put all that blazing sunlight to good use. So a British team has developed a special photovoltaic fabric, that captures the sun's rays to provide juice for all of a field soldier's electronic gadgets.

The "Solar Soldier" project aims to reduce the number of heavy batteries soldiers have to lug around, making it easier for them to move quickly. At night when there's no sunlight, the fabric switches modes, absorbing some of the soldier's body heat so it can continue to make power.

Because the system absorbs heat, it can also make the soldier less visible to infra red cameras that lock in on a human's body heat.

This sounds like it could work well in tandem with those solar tents we saw recently, although quite how this originated in Britain where the sun never shines remains a mystery.

EPSRC, via PopSci

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