Sneaker Speakers let you crank up some real sole music

Music and sneaker culture are often pretty tightly woven together, but never has the connection been closer than with these computer speakers built inside a brand new pair of Nikes.

Created by sneaker customizer NashMoney for a competition from Havana Club called Inspired Ingenuity, the sneakers are designed to reflect the ingenuity of the Cuban people and their ability to create what they want using the limited resources on hand.

Starting with a pair of Nike Air Force Ones, NashMoney installed separate woofers and tweeters in each shoe, and fit all of the electronics to run them in the right speaker.

NashMoney says that the first track he played on the Speaker Speakers was Hustlin' by Rick Ross, no word on how kickin' it sounded.

Art & Sole, via Technabob

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