S.N.A.K. is a keyboard perfect for Facebook addicts

Need even faster access to stalk your friends on Facebook? Faster than your fingers can click the mouse? S.N.A.K. — the Social Network Access Keyboard with way too many Facebook shortcut keys is the way to go.

Clearly targeted at the person who's always updating their status, spamming people with "Likes" and meticulously tagging everyone in photo albums, the S.N.A.K. puts 19 Facebook hotkeys at their fingertips. It's not the prettiest looking keyboard, but for the social media freak, it could shave seconds from your precious web browsing life.

After watching the demo video, I've come to one conclusion: there are too many features to Facebook, most of which I don't even use. Does any one person really need this much immediate control over their online profile? Maybe the social network-oriented public relations agent, but regular peeps? Seriously? It's enough to make me almost quit Facebook.

If you don't mind what looks to be a programmable Dynex Multimedia Keyboard all dressed up with some not-so-fancy looking homemade printed Facebook icons, glued onto its keys, then you can have your own S.N.A.K. for $30. I'll just stick with not going all OCD on Facebook, but that's just me.

Social Keyboards, via Slashgear

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