Sleek and stylish Yves Behar phone would have been cool in 1995

If James Bond had whipped out the Yves Behar phone in Goldeneye, it probably would have gone straight onto my must have gadget list. The problem is that Goldeneye came out in 1995, just about the time when the tech in this phone was considered cutting edge.

Unfortunately, in today's world, the feature list looks positively quaint. With no camera, no Internet, and no apps to speak of, it touts things like speed dial and texting functions instead.

Still, some people like dumb phones. My mom has one in her car for emergencies, and my nine year old niece has one. They have them because it's cheaper than a smartphone if you don't want to spring for a data plan. But when the phone itself costs over $10,000, saving a little cash probably isn't your first priority.

You do get some real luxury touches. The 2-inch screen displays information in a bespoke typeface commissioned by the Danish manufacturer Æsir for their products, and the custom ring tones were performed by renowned Danish jazz bass player Chris Minh Doky.

Just in case the $10,000 stainless version is quite exclusive enough for you, there's also a gold version for around $58,700.

For those who are still chomping at the bit, the unlocked GSM based Yves Behar phones will be available later this year. Looks like those guys at Vertu have some competition in the hideously overpriced phone business.

Aesir, via Engadget

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