Sharpening pencils with a drill is way cooler than manually by hand

There are four ways to sharpen a pencil as far as I know: 1) use a regular sharpener 2) use an electric sharpener 3) use a knife and 4) maybe if you have sharp tiger fang teeth, use those. This fifth option is by far the coolest: use a power drill.

The folks over at Notcot came across the "C.H. Hanson Pro-Sharp Finishing Pencil Carpenter" — a pencil sharpener that attaches to the end of a power drill and "produces a fast, consistent pencil point every time." From their testings, it's made them pencil sharpening fiends.

Notcot even dug up some anecdotal Amazon review that states one person sharpened 144 pencils in less than 15 minutes. I like my pencils sharp, but I'm not sure having 144 sharp pointy sticks of wood lying around without being capped or anything is my cup of tea. Who knows what might happen should I get furious at guests who come over.

All jokings aside, this power drill pencil sharpener is damn slick. Next time someone asks you what you're doing with that power drill, just tell them you're casually sharpening pencils. Make sure to keep it suave.

C.H. Hanson, via Notcot

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