Screwdriver-powered vehicle is the speediest way to get a backache

The EX Vehicle is not your average vehicle or choice of transport. It's a kooky tricycle powered by two 18-volt screwdrivers. You read that correctly — and it looks like it'll kill your back.

Designed by Nils Ferber, the EX Vehicle is comprised of mostly modified bicycle parts. Its twin 18-volt screw drivers are capable of accelerating the EX at up to 18 miles per hour, while the rider sits, with his hands sprawled out. The EX kind of reminds us of that old PS2 game Kinectica — cool, but impractical.

To make turns, riders need only tilt their bodies, with the handles on the EX used for braking and controlling acceleration.

We'd like to say we'd take the EX for a spin around Central Park instead of biking, but we'd be lying. Mounting this thing for a ride looks painful, not to mention its exposed wireframe body could be dangerous in a fiery crash with the day joggers.

Nils Ferber, via Inhabitat

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