Samsung's Galaxy Tab gets iPad-competitive prices

For the most part, Android tablets have been significantly more expensive than Apple's iPad 2, making the choice for what to get a bit easier for people. But Samsung just unveiled the pricing for its new Galaxy Tabs, and they're right in line with the iPad. Competition!

The 10.1-inch version will be coming on June 8th here in the US, and the Wi-Fi versions will run $499 for a 16GB version and $599 for a 32GB version. Not bad! The 8.9-inch version will be even cheaper (although not much), clocking in at $469 and $569 for versions with the same hard drives inside. Cheaper than the cheapest iPad, albeit smaller as well.

So it looks like tablet buyers are going to have some much harder decisions come summertime. And that's good news.

Via Engadget

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