Samsung's 22-inch transparent LCD makes your display look outdated

Over the last couple of years we've had glimpses of transparent displays, but they were always presented next to little white cards with the word "concept" stamped on. Well, Samsung just made transparent displays a little more real by announcing that mass production for them has already begun.

Already popping off the factory line, Samsung's 22-inch transparent displays will initially make their way out as a nifty new display for creating interactive advertisements and eventually into the homes of consumers.

The display has a 1680x1050 resolution screen with a 20% transparency rate (for black and white model) and 15% transparency (for color model), HDMI port and USB. Not only are the displays cool to look at because you can see through them, like a window, they also use 90% less electricity than a typical LCD panel.

From what we can tell, the forecast for displays in the future is bright and erm...clear.

Via OLED-Display

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