Samsung smashes hopes of a glasses-free 3D TV in the next 10 years

Hold your horses! Although Samsung unveiled that 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV prototype last week and even said it was possible to see such a product on store shelves in about three years, the Korean electronics giant is now backtracking on that claim.

Yep, it sounded too good to be true didn't it? In a statement made to tech blog Slashgear, Samsung said:

"Considering our current technology, Samsung can make glasses-free 3D TV at the R&D level. However, it can only be viewed from a few viewing spots. To make naturally viewed glasses-free 3D TV, for instance in a living room where several people can watch TV from various angles, the technology needs to deliver 3D to at least 32 viewing spots.

We believe that creating a prototype for lab-grade glasses-free 3D TV, broadcasting system and display will take about five years. For mass commercialization to become possible, manufacturing costs must come down and TV broadcasters will have to upgrade infrastructure, which includes securing transmission bandwidth.

Attempts to put glasses-free 3D TV to market within the next 10 years will be difficult"

Ouch! But we'd imagine Samsung knows what it's talking, considering it's a forward-thinking company that is spearheading 3D equipment. Back at CES, we had our fair share of going hands-on with large glasses-free 3D TVs and displays and we'd have to agree that a "sweet spot" is required for adequate 3D views.

As Slashgear notes, once Samsung can improve the number of sweet spots from nine (number in the 55-inch 3D TV prototype) to 32, then it'll deem glasses-free 3D TVs good enough for consumer sale. Until then, 3D loving folk will be stuck with those annoying 3D glasses.

Via Slashgear

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