Rumor: iPhone 5 may get aluminum back and new antenna design

Now that all the iPad 2 rumors have subsided from last week's Apple event, we can all point our attention to the iPhone 5. Plagued with antenna problems and a fragile glass case, the iPhone 4 may get an overhaul that's not entirely from the land of rainbows and unicorns.

A new rumor suggests that the iPhone 5 will sport an aluminum back (we all know how much Apple loves using this material) to replace the iPhone 4's shatter-friendly glass back. Along with the new chassis will supposedly come a redesigned antenna that does away with the external design found in the iPhone 4 — an issue that led to Antennagate.

The new antenna will reportedly stuff the iPhone's antennas back into the Apple logo, similar to the way the Wi-Fi iPad housed its antennas. Back in December, a patent turned up that suggested Apple was tinkering with Apple logo antennas for the iPhone, so this little tidbit — if true — would not be entirely without any weight.

As we mentioned before, we also think that a return to aluminum is a possibility for the iPhone 5.

Nobody outside of Apple knows for sure what the iPhone 5 will actually be made of, but it looks like we're off to a good start with rumors that are actually realistic.

Macotakara, via MacRumors

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