Rocketman: smallest Mini Cooper wrapped in carbon fiber and LED light

As if the Mini Cooper wasn't already tiny enough. Mini's Rocketman Concept is the car maker's newest baby that just so happens to also be its smallest and most storage friendly vehicle ever made since 1959.

You've seen Mini Coopers before. These cars are made for Hobbits. They're tiny and sporty looking. The Rocketman isn't going bigger — it's going smarter and prettier.

On the outside of the car is a body built from carbon fiber, doors that open by sliding forward and then outwards for narrow space, a tailgate compartment that slides out and three light modes to round out the Union Jack logo on the top. Inside is a 3D HUD that displays only the most relevant info for the car's condition and a removable third and fourth seat.

The Rocketman is the future of the Cooper. Should it ever get produced, it will be powered by BMW's "newly developed three-cylinder engines, capable of attaining upwards of 75 miles per gallon." Let the small car with the big vroom vroom begin — again.

Don't let me tell you about it, take a look at the Rocketman's gorgeous exterior and interior in the gallery shots below.

MINI, via Designboom

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