'Reveal' watch blurs the line between mechanical and digital

You got to hand it to Phosphor — the company certainly tries to offer something different when it comes to watches. Don't let the digital look of the Reveal's watch face fool you, however. It's actually a series of mechanical pegs.

Reveal uses what Phosphor is calling its "Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital" system, or dozens of the tech world's favorite "crystal", Swarovski (see DVICE's own Evan Ackerman in the comments below), mounted atop rotors that'll change the position of the crystals to form different numbers. (While making "a distinctive sound unique to the Phosphor Reveal digital watch line," whatever that sounds like.)

The fancy technique has its downsides, however, as it's limited in what it can display. You can see the time in hours and minutes as you see above, or set it to a timer that counts the seconds. There's also a mode you can set the watch to so that it's just the crystals without numbers, in case you just want to admire all the pretty crystals.

Reveal will set you back $200.

Via Phosphor

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