Old military helmet modded into PS3 gaming headset is kickass

The winner for best looking PlayStation 3 gaming headset goes too...el8id and his self-modded 1980s military helmet.

Modder el8id has in his hands what is arguably the slickest gaming headset ever. Yes, even cooler than Razer's Chimaera. Using a $22 military helicopter helmet from the '80s he bought at a thrift shop, he went ahead and upgraded it's mono headphones with stereo ones and added a new condenser mic instead of the original electret one. It's a PS3 gaming headset, but it also works on with a cellphone over Bluetooth and TV as well.

But there's one thing that's bugging me. Isn't it a bit dark under those helmet shades? Playing PS3 with that helmet on, covering his eyes has got to wash out most of the color on his TV for sure. Why is there always a trade-off for style?

Well done el8id! If it ever breaks, you'll at least have a very nice helmet for a Protoman Halloween costume.

el8id, via Kotaku

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