Old electronic video game handhelds reborn on playable website

Remember those old electronic video game handhelds like Game & Watch? Of course you don't. Why would you? They lacked color screens and only had blippy sound effects. Website Pica-Pic has "digitized" those retro machines and programmed them to be playable on the web with a keyboard or mouse.

We counted 19 games available on the Pica-Pic website, with some classic favorites such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Bartman: Avenger of Evil available for play. Every physical button that was present on the electronic devices have been mapped to keyboard buttons or are clickable by mouse. The website even keeps track of global high scores — something the old devices couldn't do.

Pica-Pic is a great homage to old-school gaming, but we have a feeling Nintendo and any other IP holders will sick their lawyers all over this.

If you know someone who never had a chance to play these handhelds, here's your chance to let them experience the retro goodness without having to wait for a yard sale. Heck, I've already gone through Donkey Kong Jr. twice and I still suck at it as much as I did those many moons ago.

Pica-Pic, via Notcot

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