Of course, the U.S. Navy has the sweetest flight simulator ever

Flight simulators are a dime a dozen, but who has the best rig? Not this guy, or this guy, or even this guy. That prize belongs to the U.S. Navy and its really huge T-45C visual simulator with 180-degree video views.

The U.S. Navy's incredible flight simulator is located at the Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas and is where U.S. Navy pilots begin their flight training. There's little info on how big that gigantic curved screen is, or if it's a projection, but knowing that trainees need to clock in 96 hours in the T-45C to fly cool T-45 Goshawk fighter jets is enough to make me rekindle feelings of my old airsickness days.

One can only imagine how mind-blowingly amazing Ace Combat 7 would look handle on this bad boy.

Flickr - U.S. Navy Imagery, via Gizmodo and Kotaku AU

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