No NFC for iPhone 5, maybe in iPhone 6

Android has NFC. BlackBerry is going to get NFC. Naturally, Apple would want the iPhone 5 to also push NFC this year too. If Near Field Communication is a feature you've been holding out for in the next iPhone, you'd best sit down, breathe and prepare to wait till next year.

According to The Independent, Apple's scrapped plans to include NFC into the iPhone 5. The news outlet was told that Apple feels there "is a lack of a clear standard across the industry."

Looks like the future of the wireless wallet won't be arriving this year. Will the lack of NFC put the iPhone 5 at a disadvantage against its competitors this year? It's highly doubtful if the rumored four-inch edge-to-edge screen comes to fruition. No biggie, there's always next year's iPhone 6 and if NFC is still not ready, then iPhone 7, 8, 9, etc.

One thing to remember is that Apple moves at its own pace. It doesn't follow trends. It's a company that strikes when it's ready, not when you are. The iPhone will get NFC when the entire package isn't half-baked and only available in select cities as "trials." An NFC-equipped iPhone that acts as the ultimate link between you and your digital life will happen when customers, retails, small businesses, etc. can come together to get this thing soaring smoothly, not chugging along puffing smoke.

Via Independent

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