Nintendo experimented with glasses-free 3D Mario Kart for Wii

Nintendo's glasses-free 3DS hasn't even launched outside of Japan yet and the company is making waves across the game industry with the revelation that it has a similar tech in working prototype form on the Wii.

At this year's Game Developer Conference, Nintendo Producer Hideki Konno, widely credited for fathering the 3DS showed off a glasses-free demo of Mario Kart Wii running on Wii hardware and a glasses-free screen. Stressed as only a tech demo, Konno said that Nintendo had experimented with adding 3D depth sliders, just like on the 3DS.

For now, all we know is that the tech from the glasses-free 3D Wii was shifted over to the 3DS.

Does this mean that Nintendo's Wii successor will have glasses-free 3D tech? No. It just means Nintendo was considering it, but no doubt, due to the expensiveness of glasses-free screens and low adoption rate of 3D TVs, Nintendo is letting glasses-free 3D sit in the vault.

If glasses-free 3D TVs take off in the next couple of years, we may just see Nintendo revisit the idea of a glasses-free 3D Wii. For now, it's just a proof-of-concept.

Destructoid, via Siliconera

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