Nike Air Max sneakers created from old computer parts look ballin'

Attention to detail doesn't even come close to describing Gabriel Dishaw's computerized Nike Air Max 2011 sneakers. From start to finish, it's very clear that Dishaw's 90 hours of love labor have created the most techie pair of sneakers ever.

Do these new computer "junk-ified" variant Nike Air Max 2011 sneakers look familiar? That's because these kicks are made by are Dishaw, the same dude who made those beautiful Nike Dunks out of microchip boards and metal a while back.

As part of his "Junk Art" sculptures, Dishaw used old "motherboards, typewriter cases, chipsets, power connectors, a USB port and an oxygen mask from a 747 airplane" to create the junk-ified Air Max 2011.

They look rockin' Mr. Dishaw, now can you make a pair that functions? Stuff a working USB drive in the sole, give it some LEDs and cram a small screen in there somewhere and you've got our auction paddle raised.

Freshness Mag and Hypebeast, via Gizmodo

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