New nanogenerators can theoretically keep your gadgets charged forever

A team of scientists led by Dr. Zhong Lin Wang from the Georgia Institute of Technology are planning to present their new nanotech generator discoveries that could potentially change the way gadgets are charged in the future. Can you imagine a cellphone that never sees the low battery warning?

Dr. Wang says that his team's new nanogenerators are made out of zinc oxide nanowires that when strained or flexed, electricity can be created. Basically, the nanowires can create electricity with any body movement. In theory, just staying alive with your heartbeat pumping could generate electric juice with Dr. Wang going out on a limb and saying that the "potential [for the nanogenerators] is only limited by one's imagination." And what an imagination we have. We're already thinking of netbooks that recharge just from typing all day or cellphones that can be recharged by walking down a few long city blocks.

So far, five generators stacked together can create the same amount of voltage in two AA batteries. With time, Dr. Wang hopes that by stacking more of these microscopic nanogenerators on top of one another (500 nanowires can fit on a stand of human hair), the tech can create enough energy to power iPods and cellphones in the future.

Should we ever see nanogenerators used to recharge our gadgets — heck, the gadgets would never run out of juice (if a heartbeat can keep a charge going), iPod joggers and gym buffs would likely have a blast getting their Sunday morning fix, while keeping their gadgets powered up. Will some rich billionaire please invest and mass produce these nanogenerators? Pretty please?

Via The Telegraph

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