New PlayStation 3 firmware enables game saves in the cloud

Sony's PS3 has a new firmware update. Aside from "re-securing" the game console from those pesky hackers, it also allows game saves to be backed up into the cloud, provided you're a PlayStation Plus member.

If you already pay for the $50 PlayStation Plus package that includes exclusive online features for PS3 owners, then you can now take your game saves anywhere in the world. Currently, game saves are saved onto the PS3's hard drive, but with game saves in the cloud, you can now boot them up on any PS3 without having to rip out the hard drive.

Gamers get 150MB of data and 1,000 save files per PlayStaton Network account.

I've never felt the urge to need to bring my game saves to show off to others, but if you're the type to gloat about your game achievement Trophies or whatnot, then Firmware 3.60 has your name all over it.

It's an interesting move on Sony's part — one that seems to increasingly make the PS3 a true hub that can access anything, anywhere. Hopefully by the time the PS4 rolls around, game saves in the cloud will be standard and free.

Via Techland

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