New PC monitor is wireless, powered by magnetic induction

With Fujitsu's new wireless 22-inch PC monitor, we're another step closer to severing the cables from our computers. Graphics cards have already made the jump to wireless, so why not computer monitors?

The wireless monitor draws its power from a magnetic induction transmitter specially built into furniture such as a desk. When the display makes contact with the desk, a wireless connection is made. Picture display is then transferred via wireless USB from a computer up to 32 feet away.

Fujitsu's monitor looks pretty nifty. If all monitors worked this way over the next few years, we wouldn't complain. Wires get tangled and get dusty over time unless you wipe them off periodically. Wireless kills two flames with one extinguisher.

The wireless monitor is a proof-of-concept, but Fujitsu isn't leaving it at that. The company has real plans to produce a wireless monitor within the next year.

Via Gizmag

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