Never be poor with a functioning Mario coin block

Instructables user Bruno has solved world poverty by creating a fully functional coin block from Super Mario Bros. Beat your skull (or your fist) against the bottom of it, and out will pop a (nearly) endless stream of gold coinage, accompanied by pleasing sound effects.

I don't know if Mario ever bothered to stop and ask just who, exactly, was hiding their life savings in blocks scattered around the world/land/galaxy, but apparently it's some dude who may or may not be named Bruno.

More after the video:

From what I can tell getting 100 coins may or may not actually give you an extra life. As far as I know, this has not actually been tested yet, but feel free to be the first. And no matter how many of these blocks you punch, it's unlikely that they'll be spitting out any magic mushrooms that will give you superpowers.

Since this whole project is an Instructable, though, you can just build your own coin block and stock it with whatever hallucinogenic drugs inspire you.

Instructables, via Make

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