Neutral Power Drill combines three handy tools in one device

I'm kind of a klutz when it comes to home improvement jobs, so when I'm mounting something on the wall I find myself juggling a drill, a stud finder, and a spirit level in an attempt to get things done right. Life would be much simple if I had this slick tool that combines all three of those functions.

The Neutral Power Drill was designed by Tim Bennett to make things simpler for people like me, and it manages to look incredibly stylish while doing so. After you've used the stud finder to figure out where to put your screw, a built in laser level helps you to keep things lined up, while the sliding screw holder saves your fingers. Sounds like a great solution to me.

Bennett has entered the Neutral drill in an iF Concept design contest, so let's hope he wins and some manufacturer picks up the design.

Via Yanko Design

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