NASA checks out their new Mars space suits in Antarctica

Just as the Shuttle program is winding down, NASA has been busy putting together the pieces for the just unveiled Orion space capsule. Part of the new gear includes some nifty new space suits, which they've recently been testing in Antarctica.

NASA says that the Antarctic climate is the closest we get on Earth to what you might find on Mars, although because it's in the southern hemisphere, March is actually one of the warmest months of the year down there.

The suit was designed by Argentine aerospace engineer Pablo de Leon, who went along on the trip and tested one of the suits himself. While it looks superficially similar to the suits NASA has been using for decades, the $100,000 NDX-1 uses more than 350 different materials, many of which had not yet been invented back in the Apollo days.

While NASA's manned space program has been put on the back burner for now, they want the suit to be ready for a possible future trip to Mars.

Reuters, via PopSci

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