NASA scraps 3D cameras on Curiosity Mars rover

Space aficionados got really excited last year when NASA announced it was working closely with 3D pioneer James Cameron to equip its Mars rover Curiosity, with 3D cameras. Unfortunately, it looks like the Red Planet rover will be searching for space martians without the eye-popping third dimension in tow.

NASA says that it's scrapping plans for a 3D zoom camera because of insufficient testing time before launch. Curiosity will sport cameras with 100mm and 34mm lenses made by Malin Space Science Systems, but will not have the zoom ones that Cameron was hoping to install for what could have been majestic 3D sweeps and pan shots. Although 3D Mars won't be making its grand debut this time around, Malin Space Science Systems is still optimistic that the 3D cams can be installed for future missions.

Set to blast off to Mars somewhere between November 25 and December 18, Curiosity will have to make do with regular 2D, which is fine by us if it brings back grand pics of extraterrestrial life led by Marvin the Martian. Maybe by the time the 3D cams are ready for Curiosity, we'll have all this glasses-free 3D stuff sorted out.

The Register, via Techradar

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