Music video shot entirely on iPad 2 doesn't look half bad

Just how decent is the iPad 2's HD video recording? Well, if this music video shot entirely using four of Apple's newest tablet is any indication, then it's not bad, not bad at all.

Similar to the rush to shoot a music video using the iPhone 4's 720p HD rear camera, "Need" by Eddy is probably the first music video I've seen shot entirely using the latest iPads. Remedy Film's Chase Andrews says that his crew took about five hours to shoot "Need" and clocked in almost 12 hours editing the music vid together after waiting in line for eight hours to procure the magical new devices. From start to finish, the project took over 25 hours.

All in all, the music video is pretty catchy and impressive for something shot on a few tablets. The scene's aren't cinematic by any stretch, but the video is good enough for an indie singer. As the iPad 2 slowly trickles out to the rest of the world, I'm sure we'll see more music vids shot on it, and maybe, even edited using the new iMovie iPad app — that would be a sight.

Remedy Films, via TUAW

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