Multiview projection system displays 3D fog bunnies in midair

Your fancy 3D TV is really a far cry from 3D, only giving you two slightly different viewpoints of a single, flat scene to create the illusion of depth and being able to see around corners. A new system that uses multiple projectors and fog displays full color 3D images that you can walk all the way around.

The first stab at this kind of thing was FogScreen, from back in 2007. It was basically just a regular projector that, instead of a screen, displayed images on a waterfall of fog that was otherwise more or less invisible, making it look like images were appearing in midair.

A research group from Osaka University has extended this idea into the third dimension, with a series of projectors all displaying slightly different images on a cylindrical ring of fog:

The reason this works is that when light interacts with fog, it's doesn't randomly scatter, but instead bounces off in a specific direction. So, by using a set of different projectors, you can display different views of an image, such that the viewer can walk around it and get a 3D view. And if you throw enough projectors in the mix, you can create as high of an angular resolution as you like.

The group says that they'd "like to find more useful content," but I can't imagine what could possibly be more useful than a little fuzzy Technicolor bunny, especially when your display is a little fuzzy to begin with.

Oshiro Lab, via DigInfo

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