Microsoft gets to work on next-gen Xbox 360

On your mark, get set, hire! Several job listings posted by Microsoft point to work, or at least research for a next-generation Xbox 360. Could we see a new Xbox 360 as soon as next year?

The answer is probably no. The job listings on LinkedIn might be scouting for a graphics architect, senior engineer and senior performance architect — all for "next generation console architectures from conception through implementation," but we don't think Microsoft is planning to release a new console within the next year just yet.

Despite launching the original Xbox 360 way back in 2005, Microsoft's console has seen a pickup in demand, thanks to last year's slimmer redesign and selling over 8 million units of Kinect in its first 60 days. People love Kinect, and hackers love it even more.

Not only that, but Microsoft has repeatedly said in the past that the Xbox 360 has longevity. Echoing Sony's 10-year life cycle for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft's said that the Xbox 360 "has a life cycle through 2015."

For sure, Microsoft is working on a next-gen Xbox 360. Just don't plan on selling your current console off right away — it still has a ways to go — at least four more years.

Microsoft's just nabbing talent to get a head start. Who knows, maybe the new graphics architect can find a way to get the next-gen 360 to pump out graphics like this. That would be something to get giddy for.

Beyond3D Forums, via Game Informer

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