Light up the streets with these LED-lit skateboards

Yo Sk8ter bois! Skateboards are handy for getting you from point A to B, but are death traps if people and vehicles can't see them in the dark. Upgrade your plank of wood with these sweet polycarbonate skateboards tricked out with LED lights.

It's no skateboard with F1 tech, but Clear29's LT LED-lit skateboards still look pretty sick for such a modest mod. Each 29 x 8.5" skateboard has LEDs that are powered by a 9V battery, translucent wheels, 9-inch high response gullwing mission trucks and ABEC5 racing bearings. With its "clear-as-glass" polycarb board, its LED lights should make this skateboard look like a stream of neon gliding through the streets at night. Or like "like hovering on a UFO." I don't know how that feels, but apparently Clear29 does.

Time to sell those limited edition Vans kicks, cause this cool LED skateboard will set you back $200 worth of allowance money.

Gadgets and Gear, via Technabob

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