Largest full 'supermoon' makes debut tomorrow for Earthlings

At precisely 3 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, the largest full moon in 18 years will show its ginormous self. The moon will be so close to Earth that it's already being called a "supermoon" when it gets its act on.

According to meteorologist Joe Rao, if the weather doesn't ruin the the sighting, the moon will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter tomorrow. In fact, the moon hasn't appeared nearly this large since 1993!

Of course, Rao warns that there is a catch — most regular folk staring at the moon face on probably won't perceive it as being larger. Because our eyes can play optical tricks on us, making us feel like something is larger, the supermoon will only be perceptibly closer when it's "hovering close to a horizon line, near trees, buildings and other foreground objects." It's still going to look like a big ass moon, just maybe not to all of us.

If moon watching is your thing and you're in a good spot (I was up all night snapping shots of the red lunar eclipse last December), taking a lunch break tomorrow and playing a little eye spy with the lunar rock might be kind of relaxing.,via Fox News

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