Kinect mated with PlayStation 3 to play Killzone 3

The unthinkable has happened — a hacker has successfully hacked a Kinect camera sensor to work with a PlayStation 3 to play Sony's exclusive shooter, Killzone 3 — with motion gesture consoles.

As seen in this video, coder Shantanu Goel is shown navigating the PS3's XMB menu with buttery smooth motion gestures. That's all swell, but once Goel boots up Killzone 3, things go downhill — the gesture controls slow down, making the whole setup just about unusable.

All we need now is someone to do the opposite — hack a PlayStation Move with an Xbox 360 to play Halo: Reach and it'll be square.

If anything, Goel's hack is a wonderful proof-of-concept that neither Sony or Microsoft would approve. With a little more elbow grease, Goel can probably speed up the framerate and improve the motion tracking. Any intrepid hackers up for the challenge? You can grab the Kinect drivers and open source code over at PSGroove if you're not afraid of tinkering.

Github and PSGroove, via CVG

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