Just bought an iPad 1? Apple will give you a $100 refund

Did yesterday's iPad 2 launch get smoke pouring from your ears and considering hurling your shiny new iPad at a Steve Jobs effigy? Well fret not, because if you bought a new iPad since February 16, Apple will give you a rebate equal to the clearance price drops announced yesterday on the remaining stock.

For most people that means $100, but could vary for people outside the U.S.

Of course anyone who reads DVICE on a regular basis shouldn't be in this jam, because we've been talking about the iPad 2 for months.

There doesn't appear to be an official announcement of this policy on the Apple website, but comments on several other blogs report that people were successfully getting the refund at their local Apple Store. Still, I wouldn't dawdle, because there's no telling how long this offer might last.

Of course you could always just keep the thing, as in reality it's still just as awesome as it was on Tuesday, when an iPad didn't have a sequel yet.

Via CrunchGear

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