Jukebox gets redesigned with touchscreen, doubles as a photobooth

Do jukeboxes even still exist anymore? I can't recall seeing the old music box in any bar I've been into in the last few years. Apparently, TouchTunes and Frog Design think that the jukebox is still relevant today, so it gave it an upgrade fit for these touchscreen times.

The TouchTunes Virtuo, as this revamped jukebox is called, doesn't store records or even CDs — its music is all digital. Featuring a multitouch screen with a Cover Flow-esque interface, the Virtuo's goal is to simplify music browsing and make it smarter.

How smart? It can search for lyrics, display historical music info from the web and create customized playlists downloaded from a person's MyTouchTunes account. In other words, it's like a gigantic iPhone or iPod Touch bolted to a wall in a bar or restaurant.

Noticeably present is an LED equalizer bar, a gigantic play button that may or may not function and a camera for taking silly snaps.

I don't know about you, but a bar is a place for socializing and I don't think hovering over a jukebox counts anymore.

Design Mind, via Born Rich

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