Iran has a 'robotic flying saucer,' but it's not what you think it is

So get this: according to Iran's Fars News Agency, the nuclear-enriching hazard of a nation reports that it's built a "home-made flying saucer." Maybe they have E.T.'s digits too!

Created specifically for aerial imaging, "Zohal" can take and send images simultaneously using its 10-megapixel HD camera. As an unmanned machine, Zohal runs on auto-pilot and is guided by GPS.

Other than the teeny little blurry picture you see above, there isn't any additional info as to how fast it can travel or if it even has tractor beams or any tech remotely sci-fi in nature. The first thing that popped into my mind was that Zohal sounds a lot like a fancier Coanda effect UAV. So, congrats Iran, if you do have a "flying saucer," even if it's a small one, guess what? China's had them for years.

Honestly, even if Iran had flying saucers capable of crushing humanity, I probably wouldn't be too concerned. After all, if you recall in 2008, the Iranian government proudly proclaimed that it had all those nuclear missiles, but it was really just some designer who went overboard with Photoshop's clone stamp tool. Yeah, what great memories.

Fars News Agency, via Spectrum

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