iPad 2 Smart Covers: dumb at protecting from damage

Yesterday, an enthusiastic and somewhat healthy looking Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited and rumored iPad 2 to much applause. He also showed off the iPad 2's "Smart Covers." Problem is, the covers don't really protect the thinner tablet from the bumpiness of daily life.

Attached onto the iPad 2 with nothing more than two magnetic latches, the Smart Cover is Apple's new official iPad accessory. When the cover is peeled open, the iPad 2 turns on and when covered back up, it returns to standby. It's a smart design with one major flaw: it doesn't protect anything but the iPad 2's screen.

Starting with the iPhone 4 and those ridiculously overpriced $30 "bumpers" — it seems Apple is intent on rushing out "cases" that shield next to nothing. In this case, the Smart Cover leaves the iPad 2's sides and back completely exposed in the event of a drop or rubdown in your bag.

Aside from looking real thin and shiny, should your iPad 2 experience a tumble with the Smart Cover on, it'll also be real dented and scratched. Hey, I'm just sayin'.

If you don't mind overpriced Apple covers, you can buy them in polyurethane for $40 or in leather for $70.

Via Apple

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