HP MetaWatch puts all of your portable devices on your wrist

Like most connected people, most of us at Dvice juggle a bunch of different gadgets to get us through the day. That's fine if you're a juggler, but what if you could consolidate all of that information in one single device in your wrist? That's the idea behind the HP MetaWatch from Fossil.

Revealed by HP CTO Phil McKinney at a recent event in Shanghai, the MetaWatch connects with devices like your laptop, smart phone, iPad, and so forth via Bluetooth, and can sync your contacts, schedules, and files. It also lets you read and respond to email and text messages. HP thinks a watch is perfect for this job, as it's the one thing most people have with them all the time, although having said that, I know plenty of people these days who use their phone as a watch.

Watch maker Fossil is actually manufacturing the MetaWatch in tandem with HP, and this isn't exactly the first time the watch maker has worked on something like this. It will be interesting to see if it catches on this time.

TheRegister, via TheNextBench

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