Homemade pulse laser gun; concerned moms won't like this one

Remember as a kid when your mom would declare "that could put an eye out" every time you found a cool new toy? Well I wonder if Patrick Priebe's mom ever told him that, because his DIY pulse laser gun is that kind of thing that should get moms everywhere running for the first aid kit.

Priebe's gun isn't just some fancy case with a laser pointer stuck inside, this sucker puts out some real power. The 1-Megawatt pulse is enough to punch holes in plastic sheets, scorch wood, and pop balloons from several feet away, so I imagine you wouldn't want that pulse hitting any body parts you happen to value.

Priebe built the gun for a customer, but says he can build more on request. Anyone want to take their Laser Tag game action up a few notches?

Via Hacked Gadgets

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