Hands-on with AT&T and LG's 3D phone, the Thrill

Well, it's official: 3D phones are a trend. An hour after Sprint proudly revealed its EVO 3D, AT&T quietly showed off the LG Thrill at a small after-show cocktail event, another glasses-free 3D phone that snaps and captures 3D stills and movies, and plays 3D games like the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS.

Like the EVO 3D, the Thrill is packed with front-and-rear 5 MP cameras, including a dual lens imager in the back, just like the EVO. Thrill will shoot 2D and 3D stills simultaneously; 2D movies are 1080p while 3D movies are 720p.

And like EVO, it's got a 4.3-inch screen, which appears to be the new normal (although right now the coming iPhone 5 will have "only" a 4-inch screen).

Unlike EVO, Thrill has "only" a dual 1 GHz processor (although dual also seems like the new normal) and runs "only" Android 2.2 Froyo instead of 2.3.

Instead of Blockbuster On Demand, Thrill be loaded with YouTube3D along with some 3D games, although no one has talked about what those will be. But the 3D gaming looked superior to the Nintendo 3DS, at least from the short demo I saw. The Thrill seemed better off-angle and the images didn't jump around as they did on the 3DS each time you move your head or the unit. And with its nearly inch-larger screen, the Thrill (and perhaps the EVO 3D) might be better 3D gamers than the 3DS, continuing the phone-as-dominant-gaming-platform trend.

And, like EVO, no availability of pricing was mentioned, which is the old normal at conventions like this.

Here's a shot of the back, if you're into that:


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