GPS bag guides you through town without looking like a tourist

Native New Yorkers like myself can usually spot tourists from a block away. They're the ones looking lost as they wander around the city map in hand. The really geeky ones might even carry a hand held GPS. What they really need to blend in is this GPS equipped bag built by a guy called Josh, to guide him around Chicago.

The bag is equipped with eight tiny vibration motors, that work like the points of a compass to invisibly let you know the direction to your destination. Using an Arduino processor and GPS receiver, the bag constantly monitors your location, speed, and direction, and vibrates the sensor closest to the direction of your pre-entered destination.

That's pretty cool, but I can see a few potential problems. Because it only gives you the direction to your destination, you could easily be led into dead end streets and impassable obstructions like a river or something like an airport.

Josh says that he made the bag so that he would be more confident when exploring on his bike, so I guess he thinks that encountering a big obstacle is just part of the adventure.

Make, via CrunchGear

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