Google working on Nexus tablet to show everyone how it's done?

It seems like Google might not be so happy with how the Xoom debuted its Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet-optimized OS. Like its Nexus One and Nexus S smartphone, it would appear Google will once again have to step in and show everyone else how to build a proper Android 3.0-based tablet.

According to Mobile-Review, Google is in cahoots with LG to build a self-branded tablet running Android 3.0, tentatively dubbed the "Google Nexus Tablet." In the past, Google's tapped the talents of HTC and Samsung to build its flagship Nexus-branded smartphones, so it's not entirely suspicious that LG is in bed with the search giant to bring a Nexus Tablet.

A slated launch date for the so-called Nexus Tablet is set to drop either in mid-summer or early fall. Will the Nexus Tablet have 3D-shooting powers like its G-Slate? If the rumor is true, then we should hear more news on the Nexus Tablet trickle out over the next few months.

Motorola's Xoom was supposed to lead the way to being the best alternate choice to the iPad, but it didn't, with sales considered underwhelming and the tablet "too complicated and buggy for mass public." Hopefully Google can plug up the Android 3.0 tablet leak before massive spillage occurs.

Mobile-Review (In Russian), via Android Community

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