Forget yachts, now you can party on your own aircraft carrier

If you're a billionaire who's tired of the constant competition to own the world's largest yacht, you might want to consider bidding on this British aircraft carrier so you can blow your fellow billionaire's weeny little boats into the weeds.

The HMS Ark Royal is the sister ship to HMS Invincible which was sold for scrap last year, but with this one you get the added prestige of her having been the proud flagship of the British Royal Navy. She used to carry over 1,000 personnel, so I'm pretty sure there's plenty of room on board for even the biggest billionaire style parties. The aircraft deck was built to handle 12 Harrier jump jets plus 10 huge Sea King helicopters, so your rich buddies will be able to fly in to join the party.

The British government is asking all prospective buyers to outline their intentions regarding the vessel, so perhaps guys like Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi should consider other retirement opportunities.

The Ark Royal auction will take place in early May, so bid early and often.

BBC News, via The Register

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