Facebook 'Like' button grows into 'Share' button's shoes

Facebook is lighting the web on fire again with changes to its "Like" and "Share" buttons. In a move to make the Like button even more prominent and ubiquitous, Facebook will be ending development for the Share button, with the Like button taking over from here on out. So what's the fuss? Privacy and confusion.

Before, when you clicked on a Facebook Share button (you can find one on the right side of this article), a little blurb would show up on your FB wall notifying others that you found something interesting. Whereas, if you just "liked" something on a website, it would only display a small line on your news feed indicating you liked whatever it was you clicked and a record in your Info page's Likes section.

Now, Facebook's Like button will act exactly the same as the Share button. For example, where I'd normally like some Star Wars-related YouTube video, I wouldn't necessarily want everyone else to go check it out as well. I certainly wouldn't want to boldly shout it off the rooftops for everyone to hear. You won't have a choice anymore, you'll share things you like whether you wanted to or not.

Websites are wholeheartedly loving the new change as they get greater visibility through clickers, but users are not sitting well with the new Like button. Why would anyone "Like" a viral video of police brutality rather than just "Sharing" it?

Whatever the real reasons are for making such a change, expect to see a barrage of Likes show up in your news feed very soon. It'll be annoying as hell at first, but you'll grow used to like you've done with every Facebook change thus far.

Soshable, via Hypebot

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