Exoskeletal arm support makes you a cyborg for less than $3k

Feeling a little weak in the arms lately? Forget working out and eating right; for just a couple thousand dollars you'll be able to get a bolt-on robotic exoskeletal arm that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Equipois' x-Ar exoskeletal arm is designed for people like factory workers who use their arms to lift and hold heavy stuff all day. You strap it to your own arm, and a support runs down your back to what I'm guessing is a foot plate, kinda like the HAL exoskeleton. When the x-Ar is engaged, it takes up the weight of whatever you're holding and transmits it down to the floor, effectively increasing your strength to the point where your arm will never really get fatigued. And since the x-Ar only takes over weight, not motion, it doesn't prevent you from making fine movements and could be used by people like surgeons.

The x-Ar arm support goes on sale next month for somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000, which might be borderline affordable for you to play around with, but makes a lot of sense for businesses to invest in, considering how much they could potentially save in worker efficiency and health insurance premiums. Plus, then they'll get to replace that little "Made in America" logo with one that says "Made by Cyborgs," which is personally what I always look for when I buy stuff.

x-Ar, via Fast Company

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