Ew: bugs spill from a planetarium dome

This is what it would look like if you were sitting underneath a planetarium dome which was slowly getting covered with bugs. Those with even a casual fear of insects will not want to watch the video. It gets way, way worse.

It's pretty much impossible to experience the full effect of this movie on your computer, since it was intended to be projected on a giant circular dome, but the clip manages to be effective regardless. It's available in HD, and you'll definitely want to have it turned on for this:


If you thought that was freaky, just try and imagine viewing it inside a planetarium, which is sort of like IMAX except it takes up an entire hemisphere of your vision and there's no escape. I'm not generally someone who's freaked out by bugs, but I'd probably be running from the room screaming.

This short premiered at the Fulldome UK Film Festival last weekend, which is an event that highlights the latest and, um, greatest in full-dome films. If the clip titillated you, you can check out the whole show (it's called "Jeepers Creepers") at Morehead Planetarium in North Carolina.

Via New Scientist

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