Every single HP computer in 2012 will have WebOS alongside Windows

Starting next year, every single PC made by HP will dual-boot Windows and WebOS. Can a mobile OS save HP?

HP CEO Leo Apotheker wants to restore HP back to being an innovator. Even with great ideas like the slidable TouchSmart PC and laptops that can run for up to 32 hours, HP lags behind, because its devices lack synergy. To put it simply, HP wants to be the next Apple. HP wants to make products that work in tandem with one another. To do that, it needs a platform that can meld all hardware together at its core.

That common core is WebOS.

After last year's acquisition of Palm and its WebOS assets, HP was stuck in a rut. We all thought it would ship the HP Slate with WebOS, but instead, it stuck with Windows 7. It wasn't until last month that Palm announced a direct attack on the iPad with its very own WebOS tablet, the TouchPad.

WebOS is an excellent platform that never really took off because it was tied exclusively to the stone-shaped Palm Pre, but no more! With plans for WebOS to be loaded onto the boatload of computers that HP ships, WebOS's user base will grow dramatically overnight. As said, people love Apple mainly because its devices are built to "talk" to each other, be it through iTunes or through AirPlay, etc. The new HP will do the same.

Expect to see a different HP next year — an HP that has desktops, laptops, printers, smartphones, tablets and more — all with WebOS synergy.

A PC that runs WebOS and its growing collection of apps can only help HP, not harm it. Maybe, just maybe, WebOS might just help HP rediscover its "lost soul."

Business Week, via Engadget

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