Elektra One electric plane makes its maiden flight

We already have electric cars and electric boats, so why not electric planes? Sure, there have been plenty of experimental electric plane concepts over the years, but this one looks like it's almost ready for market.

The first thing you notice in the video is how quiet it is, although that undercarriage setup using a single big wheel plus three small wheels looks unnecessarily tricky to use. Once up in the air, the German built Elektra One circled the airport for 30 minutes, using just half of its stored battery power. Their goal is to win the NASA funded CAFE Green Flight Challenge, which calls for an aircraft that can fly 200 miles in under two hours, using the equivalent of less than a gallon of fuel per person.

Maker PS-Aero says that when finalized, the single seat Elektra One will have a range of around 250 miles, with an operating cost that's lower than most cars. If that's not cheap enough, they have also designed a solar panel equipped hangar, that recharges the batteries when the plane is parked.

Via PopSci

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