Edible displays taste way better than regular displays

Everything is better if you can stuff it into your mouth without having to deal with shards of plastic and glass, and a research group from the University of Tokyo has developed what they're calling an "edible display."

Technically, any display is probably "edible." What a group of female Ph.D students at Tokyo University has done is create a display system that you can eat without risk of death. You give the machine a fistful of dried fruit and a 256 x 256 pixel image, and it will "display" the image by precisely dropping the fruit onto what looks to be some kind of pudding. The refresh rate of this display looks to be something like 0.001 Hz, not including the time it takes you to eat the first image to make room for the next one:

Somehow, the device will sense your physical and emotional state, and then provide color and flavor combinations to match. I wonder what "really really impatient to eat the stupid food already" looks and tastes like?

I only mentioned the fact that the students are all female because, according to the narrator of the video they've apparently created this device by "combining uniquely female perspectives with science." I'm not sure what that means, really, and I'm also not sure what's uniquely female about dropping dried fruit onto pudding, but then, I'm not female, so I guess I'll just remain slightly confused. You know, in a manly sort of way.

Via DigInfo

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