Don't put anything on this solar powered table

What's the problem with a table covered in solar panels? Well, if you actually put anything on it that covers the panels, it stops working. So it's a good thing, then, that it transmits the power it harvests to your mobile devices wirelessly.

Panasonic introduced this table with an embedded solar panel at a security show in Japan. I'm not sure what it has to do with security, beyond the fact that someone is likely to try and steal it, especially considering that being solar powered, it will probably do best if it spends most of its time outside.

It's unclear whether the table has a battery inside it to store electricity, but it does have a bunch of antennas that can transmit power to things like your cell phone wirelessly via the Qi wireless charging standard. All you have to do is set your phone on top of the table.


Well, just make sure to leave the solar panels uncovered, or this whole thing, which I'm sure is ridiculously expensive, will render itself useless.

You can get one of these in early 2012 along with wireless battery adapters for all of Panasonic's phones.

Via Akihabara News

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